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FAQs | EnergyLogic™

2019-11-22 · With almost 40-years’ experience in waste-oil combustion, EnergyLogic has answered some great questions about our products and used-oil recycling. Here are SOME of the most-frequently-asked questions we get. If this list doesn’t answer YOUR …

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waste oil heaters and boilers | energylogic

Waste Oil Heaters and Boilers | EnergyLogic

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Installation & Operation Manual - EnergyLogic

2016-9-7 · Contact EnergyLogic for help with finding a qualified installation and service company. Failure to install and maintain your boiler properly will void your warranty and the UL listings. Do not attempt to start the burner when excess oil has accumulated, when the boiler is full of vapor, or when the combustion chamber is very hot.

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waste oil boilers – features - energylogic

Waste Oil Boilers – Features - EnergyLogic

2016-7-8 · Boiler with a brain. EnergyLogic waste oil boilers come with a microprocesser boiler control system. And with an easy-to-use LCD display and push-button keypad that makes operating your boiler smarter and simpler than ever before. The brains of the operation is the AquaSmart(tm) system.

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benefits of proper combustion draft in waste - …

Benefits of Proper Combustion Draft in Waste - …

2017-2-14 · The Importance of Proper Combustion Draft . The goal of an optimized waste-oil combustion system is to deliver the desired heat output safely and efficiently without the need for constant user attention. The combustion process within the furnace must meet the load requirements while achieving ideal combustion.

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energylogic — waste oil heating parts

Energylogic — Waste Oil Heating Parts

Energylogic Nozzle Block Assembly with PTC, Fittings - Hex : 04000057. 149.00. Energylogic *Burner PTC 8.7 mm Assembly: 14010125

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energylogic el-200b installation & operation …


8. Maintenance Regular maintenance is required to keep your EnergyLogic boiler operating reliably and efficiently. For best results, purchase an EnergyLogic boiler annual maintenance kit (PN 05000029 for EL-200B or 05000030 for EL-375/500B), which includes nozzle, preheater /burner/solenoid gaskets & o-rings, and fuel and air filters.

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used oil furnace regulations and emissions

Used Oil Furnace Regulations and Emissions

2016-10-25 · Used Oil Furnace Regulations and Emissions . 25 June 2015 . EnergyLogic manufactures space heaters and small boilers that are designed to burn used crankcase oil and transmission fluid, as well as #2 fuel oil (diesel). For the United States, EnergyLogic builds and certifies their furnaces, boilers, and tanks to the Underwriters

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energylogic - posts | facebook

EnergyLogic - Posts | Facebook

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EnergyLogic – Ash Cleanout Tool – P/N: 14033227 – …

EnergyLogic Part Number: 14033227, EL14033227 Old Part Number: The tool head is curved to the shape of the furnace heat exchanger and boiler combustion chamber in order to remove ash completely and efficiently. The telescopic pole has a range of 4-8 feet, allowing full reach throughout all furnace heat exchangers. Compatible with: Heaters EnergyLogic 140H EnergyLogic 200H EnergyLogic 340H

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